Another Earth (2011, dir. Mike Cahill)

While a doppelganger planet approaches Earth, a young woman’s and a bereaved composer’s lives become entangled. Odd little drama with SF/fantasy elements. Not sure it needs the space threat/opportunity context (apart from to finesse its ending), but there’s some lo-fi pleasure to be had here in the approach and lead performances.

Here’s the trailer.

Author: Eamonn

Writes. Latest: 2019: East of England - a noir thriller. Other books: Benches of Louth (2018); Juggernaut: a sequel to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2017); Torc, (2016); The Prospect of This City (2015). Twitter: @eamonngriffin

One thought on “Another Earth (2011, dir. Mike Cahill)”

  1. Another Earth took something that would normally be in a science-fiction film and put it into a very earthbound drama. That’s quite an achievement.

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