The Boy (2016, dir. William Brent Bell)

An American is hired to nanny the doll replacement of a dead child. Okay spooky house jumpscare horror with a couple of interesting ideas, and some well-worn borrowings, held together by a decent central performance. By no means essential, though, despite all-round proficiency. A sequel followed in 2020.

I, Daniel Blake (2016, dir. Ken Loach)

A middle-aged scaffolder falls foul of the UK benefits system. Clear-eyed if slightly dogmatic black comedy-drama which effectively details various struggles in the context of an unwieldy civil service, public sector cuts, the grey economy, and inflexible officialdom. Touches of Kafka counterpoint Loach’s social realist directorial approach.

Into The Ashes (2019, dir. Aaron Harvey)

A former criminal’s past life catches up with him, when old associates track him down and kill his wife. Effective low-key and slow-burn thriller with a solid cast of character actors making the most of the material. A good sense of blue-collar life, and of the inevitable consequences of revenge.

Primal (2019, dir. Nicholas Powell)

A washed-up game hunter transports a white jaguar on a cargo ship also carrying an assassin to the US for trial. Contrived but fun – though perhaps surprisingly modest – high concept Die Hard-meets-Red Dragon-meets-Con Air-ish DTV thriller with a great slumming cast, some decent CG work, and a couple of OK plot wrinkles.