Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2019, dir. Justin Pemberton)

A history of capitalism with projections for the future, based on Thomas Piketty’s bestseller. A clear and accessible overview, engaging and brisk, documenting continuity and change in economic terms between the Industrial Revolution and now. Recommended.

Here’s the trailer.

Insert Coin (2020, Dir. Joshua Y. Tsui)

A fascinating documentary surrounding the rise and fall of arcade coin-op game company Williams/Bally Midway. In depth and detailed insight from the management, design teams and infamous game designers like Eugene Jarvis and Mark Turmell. Niche but excellent!

Insert Coin (2020, Dir. Joshua Y. Tsui)

Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! (2017, dir. Morgan Spurlock)

Thirteen years after its predecessor documentary, Morgan Spurlock re-investigates the fast food industry, this time by opening a chicken burger restaurant. Following farm-to-fork, marketing, health, and animal welfare themes, this is another sprightly overview, reinforcing multiple industrial aspects of food.

Here’s the trailer.

Console Wars (2020, Dir. Blake J. Harris, Jonah Tulis)

The story of how Sega and Nintendo played David and Goliath for game industry dominance in the 80s/90s. Fascinating insight into the sales and marketing tactics of two gaming industry giants told with passion and a love of the underdog. Interesting stuff!

Console Wars (2020, Dir. Blake J. Harris, Jonah Tulis)