Hellbender (2021, dir. Toby Poser, Zelda Adams & John Adams [AKA The Adams Family])

An isolated rural home-schooled teen discovers she is from a line of witches. Smart, austere Catskills-set horror that looks good, is well-contained, and riffs engagingly on Carrie in doing so. An impressive, minimalist feature: recommended.

Here’s the trailer.

Witch Hunt (2021, dir. Elle Carnahan)

In an alt-America where witchcraft is both real and outlawed by the Constitution, a family works to protect witches. Somewhat awkward allegory with some strong ideas that it doesn’t quite know what to do with. Worth your time, though not for everyone: not the genre pic it first appears.

Here’s the trailer.

The Last Witch Hunter (2015, dir. Breck Eisner)

An immortal witch-hunter tackles an ancient foe. At times well-directed, but this is nevertheless a muddled and uninvolving action fantasy effort which suffers from convoluted plotting, an underpowered villain, and decent actors phoning in performances.