Concrete Plans (2020, dir. Will Jewell)

Resentments build when a building crew working on a remote Welsh farm go unpaid. Slow-burn horror/thriller with solid performances from unshowy character actors. Pacing and some iffy scripting are issues in the first half, but when the movie gets going it delivers in dramatic and genre terms.

Here’s the trailer.

You Should Have Left (2020, dir. David Koepp)

A wealthy family stay in a remote Welsh vacation rental; the house has secrets. Slight, austere, though generally effective psychological thriller, adapted from the Daniel Kehlmann novel. No real surprises, but the movie’s well-played and directed, and succeeds within the strictures of the Twilight Zone-ish story.

Here’s the trailer.

Canaries (2017, dir. Peter Stray)

A New Years’ party in Wales is the centre of an alien invasion. Low-budget SF/horror/comedy with some oddly irrelevant production values and an overly-complex backstory. Not great at all, but there are a couple of good moments.