Dark Night (2016, dir. Tim Sutton)

A series of lives, linked by a movie mass shooting. Great-looking, oblique little film that acts as a calling card for the talented Sutton, and as a flick that takes the approach of a Van Sant or a Larry Clark at their most ambient. Light on narrative drive, but strong on the hollow drift of some people’s existences.

Donnybrook [AKA: Below The Belt: Brawl at Donnybrook] (2018, dir. Tim Sutton)

A bare-knuckle boxer, a meth dealer, and a cop’s lives intersect over drugs, money, and a fight tournament. Lean, autumnal adaptation of the Frank Bill novel. Very different to its source material in tone, but nevertheless a rewarding movie, with something to say about working-class America as well as delivering in genre terms. Recommended.