47 Metres Down [AKA 47 Meters Down; Johannes Roberts’ 47 Metres/Meters Down; In The Deep] (2017, dir. Johannes Roberts)

Vacationing sisters who take a shark-viewing excursion become trapped underwater. Straightforward and effective survival thriller with horror elements. Does what it can to explore the boundaries of its premise: a sequel soon followed.

Here’s the trailer.

Great White (2021, dir. Martin Wilson)

A chartered seaplane’s crew and passengers are menaced by sharks. Straightforward at-sea survival thriller typical of the subgenre. Decent location and effects work offers production value, and the flick doesn’t drag matters out. No surprises, however.

Here’s the trailer.

What Keeps You Alive (2018, dir. Colin Minihan)

A woman taking a first anniversary break with her wife discovers she is psychopathic. While some of the story beats are a little off, this is nevertheless a well-sustained and confident variation on the backwoods survival thriller. Decent performances, solid direction and some quirky moments all help.

Here’s the trailer.

Arctic (2018, dir. Joe Penna)

A crashed pilot tries to survive in the frozen Arctic. Terrific version of a survival story archetype that’s perhaps familiar to viewers. Nevertheless, this near-silent movie delivers in conviction, thrills, emotion and in a driven leading performance from Mikkelsen. Recommended.

After Earth (2013, dir. M. Night Shyamalan)

An estranged father and son have to work together to survive on a hostile planet. Contrived and awkwardly-structured SF/horror; an obvious Smith family passion project. One great jumpscare aside, though, this is minor work from all.