Proxima (2019, dir. Alice Winocour)

A female astronaut struggles with having to leave her young daughter on Earth. Sombre, understated ISS mission training movie – with interesting access to Star City and Baikonur – focusing on a single relationship. Eva Green is great though, and Matt Dillon does what he can with an underwritten supporting part. A lovely Ryuichi Sakamoto score helps.

Here’s the trailer.

Kursk: The Last Mission [AKA The Command; AKA Kursk] (2018, dir. Thomas Vinterberg)

A sombre retelling of the 2000 Kursk submarine disaster. Okay drama-documentary that takes some liberties with the actual timeline, and which struggles to make the inevitable dramatic, despite good performances. The usual points made.

Hunter Killer (2018, dir. Donovan Marsh)

A US submarine captain attempts to prevent a rogue minister-led coup in Russia. Old-fashioned military thriller aping the likes of Tom Clancy. Not bad while its on, though there’s not one surprise; a game cast of character actors play the material straight.

The Saint (1997, dir. Phillip Noyce)

A professional thief becomes involved in a Russian conspiracy involving cold fusion technology. Below-par star-vehicle thriller some distance from the source material. Good location work and solid support can’t prevent this being a waste of talent.