Unhinged (2020, dir. Derrick Borte)

A woman is targeted at random by a murderous driver after a road rage incident. Confident, unpretentious thriller with horror and action aspects. Knows exactly what it is, and is happy to work to fulfil those expectations: a professional job well done.

Here’s the trailer.

True History of the Kelly Gang (2019, dir. Justin Kurzel)

The life of an Australian outlaw, as narrated to his child. An excellent adaptation of the Peter Carey novel, with vivid performances and a distinctive visual approach. The best movie version of the Ned Kelly story to date, and a strong arty outback Western in its own right. Recommended.

Body of Lies (2008, dir. Ridley Scott)

A CIA operative in the Middle East is caught between conflicting loyalties. Good-looking and well-directed though predictable tale of post-9/11 espionage, with opaque masculine moralities contrasted with a female archetype representing possible redemption.