Final Exam (1981, dir. Jimmy Huston)

A motiveless killer attacks a campus at end of semester. Curious character-focused Halloween-derived slasher pic with strong elements (it’s well-shot, builds to a decent climax, the baddie is great) but which struggles to fill its running time, substituting frat boy hijinks for a genre plot. Not uninteresting though.

Here’s the trailer.

Gemini Man (2019, dir. Ang Lee)

An elite assassin on the verge of retirement is targeted for execution. A good-looking action flick that takes ages to tell us what the poster does. One great action sequence aside, it’s underpowered, though a game support cast of Brit character actors do their best with none-more-90s material.

Final Score (2018, dir. Scott Mann)

An American ex-soldier battles Eastern European separatists holding a football stadium to ransom. Hugely enjoyable Die Hard knockoff that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and which delivers in genre terms, as well as in representing football pretty well in a movie. Fun.