Run Hide Fight (2020, dir. Kyle Rankin)

A bereaved teenager is caught up in a school shooting incident: she decides to fight back. Well-made, autumnal thriller with absurdist touches: part Die Hard, part Elephant. Strong performances and direction help, though a clearer perspective on its worldview would have been useful. Interesting, nevertheless.

Here’s the trailer.

The Crazies (2010, dir. Breck Eisner)

A viral outbreak in a small Iowa town leads to a zombie-like infection and a military lockdown. Effective and well-sustained remake of the 1973 George Romero flick of the same name. Cynical, paranoid and subversive within its now-familiar genre framework.

The Darkness (2016, dir. Greg McLean)

A dysfunctional family comes under attack from ancient demons. Standard Blumhouse jump-scare oooga-booga with a clear debt to Poltergeist, though enlivened by a strong cast (Bacon, Mitchell, Reiser) and confident direction from Wolf Creek’s Greg McLean.