Antlers (2021, dir. Scott Cooper)

An alcoholic teacher in a run-down former mining community is concerned a student is being abused. Stately wendigo horror with allegorical intent: doesn’t quite link between first peoples’ famine, monsters, and opioid-depressed communities, but there’s a quiet professionalism at work, even if Cooper’s tendency to ponderousness dulls the piece at times.

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Pig (2021, dir. Michael Sarnoski)

A remote Oregon truffle hunter journeys to the city – Portland – to find his stolen pig. Excellent drama about loss disguised as an existentialist thriller. Cage is on fine meditative form, and sensitive and clever writing and direction are in evidence throughout. Highly recommended.

Here’s the trailer.

Leave No Trace (2018, dir. Debra Granik)

A veteran struggles in bringing up his adolescent daughter apart from society. Excellent, sober, and compassionate drama about mental illness, personal freedom and obligation to others. Nothing wasted from first to last frame. Highly recommended.