Year Of The Dragon (1985, dir. Michael Cimino)

A New York cop vows to rid Chinatown of corruption. Uncomfortable thriller which has some style and is undeniably effective in its action sequences, but which fails to deal adequately with the racism, sexual violence and misogyny of its protagonist.

The Rainmaker [AKA John Grisham’s The Rainmaker] (1997, dir. Francis Ford Coppola)

A young lawyer takes down a callous insurance company. Slick, mainstream, and linear legal thriller with no surprises but plenty of feel-good under-dog moments. Damon in Mary Sue mode. A professional, anonymous job from its former genius writer/director.

13 (2010, dir. Géla Babluani)

A desperate young man stumbles into a murderous gambling game. Okay English-language remake of the director’s own 13 Tzameti with a solid cast of character actors doing something a bit different, though the well-known faces impact on narrative tension.