Body Brokers (2021, dir. John Swab)

A young addict becomes involved in insurance fraud masquerading as drug treatment. Drama/thriller with documentary elements – not entirely unlike The Big Short – that’s a touch too didactic, but nevertheless interesting, well-played, sheds light on a fresh (to me, anyway) scam, and is packed with quality character actors. Director Swab’s one to watch.

Here’s the trailer.

Snitch (2013, Dir. Ric Roman Waugh)

A father makes a deal with the DEA and works undercover to save his son. This attempt at gritty drama is hampered with a trite script and a lost cast including a strange choice of lead. The result is reasonably compelling though suffering with a weak final act.

Snitch (2013, Dir. Ric Roman Waugh)

Superfly (2018, dir. Director X)

A Georgia drug dealer tries for one last score to get out of the life. Okay remake/reprise that’s more style than substance, too often simply presenting the genre tropes than doing much useful with them. Some interesting moments, though, and a good Morris Day joke.