47 Metres Down [AKA 47 Meters Down; Johannes Roberts’ 47 Metres/Meters Down; In The Deep] (2017, dir. Johannes Roberts)

Vacationing sisters who take a shark-viewing excursion become trapped underwater. Straightforward and effective survival thriller with horror elements. Does what it can to explore the boundaries of its premise: a sequel soon followed.

Here’s the trailer.

Wrong Turn (2021, dir. Mike P Nelson)

Six friends hiking in West Virginia come up against a self-isolating pre-Civil War community. The backwoods franchise takes a folk horror turn away from cannibal shenanigans towards something that’s uneven but interesting in a Midsommar/Welp kinda way. All this plus old hands Matthew Modine and Bill Sage in support.

Here’s the trailer.

Sicario 2: Soldado (AKA Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado) (2018, dir. Stefano Sollima)

Graver enlists Alejandro once more; this time to start a war between cartels. A focus on people trafficking rather than drugs second time around; terrifically stylish and well-executed, if flirting with some reactionary ideas.