Jug Face [AKA The Pit] (2013, dir. Chad Crawford Kinkle)

A young woman, finding herself both pregnant and earmarked for sacrifice, tries to escape her backwoods community. Strong and unusual horror movie, anchored by a decent cast, some vivid ideas, and a sense of inevitability. Recommended.

Here’s the trailer.

Pod (2015, dir. Mickey Keating)

Siblings journey to the family’s remote holiday home where their brother may be going mad. Not-bad psychological horror which takes an SF/military experiment route than the usual┬áhaunting or serial killer options. Falls apart in act 3, tho Larry Fessenden pops up.

Darling (2015, dir. Mickey Keating)

A housesitter is driven mad by her new job. Light on plot, but heavy on black and white style and with moments of jumpy weirdness, Darling is a tidy and minimalist psychological horror that makes the most of its limited resources.