Smile (2022, dir. Parker Finn)

A psychiatrist believes she is being targeted by a curse passed chain letter-style from person to person. Sombre and slightly overlong Ring-ish horror flick, which spends too much time conflating the lead character’s own issues with the external ooga-booga. Jumpscares aplenty, though, and a strong lead performance helps no end.

Here’s the trailer.

Ride (2018, dir. Jeremy Ungar)

A private hire driver picks up an unorthodox passenger. LA-set mashup of Collateral and The Hitcher for the Uber/Lyft generation. Okay performances (it’s basically a car-set three-hander), and some good moments, though the movie suffers from a lack of story: at 75 minutes, though, it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Here’s the trailer.

Shaft (2019, dir. Tim Story)

A preppy junior FBI agent teams up with his estranged and unreconstructed PI father. Shaft 2019 is a scattershot culture-clash comedy, with action beats, a predictable plot, and a late nod to the 70s original trilogy. Tries to do everything, and ends up not meaning anything.