Ava (2020, dir. Tate Taylor)

A troubled assassin returns to her home city, but complications arise. Neither full-on action thriller or character-led drama, Ava works best simply as a star vehicle for its producer Chastain. A decent if typecast set of supporting players helps, but there’s little fresh brought to the table here.

Here’s the trailer.

Sanctum [AKA Sanctum 3D] (2011, dir. Alister Grierson)

A driven father and his resentful son lead a team into an uncharted cave system. Good-looking and well-made but clunkily-scripted disaster drama, suggested by real events. Plot melodramatics and personality clashes are entirely as you’d expect, though the underwater sequences and cave cinematography are convincing throughout.

San Andreas (2015, dir. Brad Peyton)

A quake hits California; an estranged family tries to reunite. Despite hitting every dumb cliche in the disaster movie book, San Andreas is still an entertaining-enough flick, not least because it plays straight with its hackneyed material.

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