Malevolent (2018, dir. Olaf de Fleur)

Sibling scammers running a spirit cleansing con face real ghosts. An old plot, though with some OK angles. The film’s overstuffed and can’t deal with all of its ideas fairly, though delivers some excellent jump scares. Comes off the rails by act three. Florence Pugh shows her early lead potential.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016, dir. Osgood Perkins)

A nurse tending to a frail writer comes to believe the house they share is haunted. Minimalist horror flick which is impressive in its sustaining of atmosphere, but is so slow to develop that you might expire yourself from boredom before the eventual reveal comes along.

Abbatoir (2016, dir. Darren Lynn Bousman)

After her sister’s murder, a reporter finds someone is buying murder rooms to make their own house. Ingenious and promising premise aside, Abbatoir soon gets bogged down in padded and clumsy storytelling, some daft production design, and a pretty ropey reveal. Disappointing.