Mary (2019, dir. Michael Goi)

A charter vessel captain buys a secondhand boat; it turns out to be haunted. Trashy maritime horror with a solid cast doing their best with scrappy material. There are some effective moments, but the lack of actual story is problematic, as is the way the film gives up in its third act.

The Innkeepers (2011, dir. Ti West)

Two workers stave off boredom listening for ghosts over their supposedly-haunted hotel’s last weekend of business. Slow-burn riff on The Shining, anchored by great central performances and a mounting sense of dread that pays off in straightforward but nevertheless-effective ways. Excellent sound design supports the visuals and script.

Eloise (2017, dir. Robert Legato)

A young man and accomplices break into an abandoned asylum trying to find a death certificate worth millions. An oddly-complex story is buried in this otherwise ordinary jumpscare thriller. Naturally, the asylum is haunted and worse.