Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (1968, dir. Freddie Francis)

A revived Count seeks revenge on the priest whose exorcism has barred him from his castle. Continuing from Dracula: Prince of Darkness, this series entry doesn’t offer much that’s new, but Francis’s direction is fun, and a dull second act leads to a lively climax.

Here’s the trailer.

Tales From The Crypt (1972, dir. Freddie Francis)

Five strangers are presented with glimpses of their transgressions. Strong Amicus portmanteau horror film in the EC Comics tradition, with an early 70s cast of British character actors to die for. Straightforward morality tales with nasty ideas lurking, plus a loose The Monkey’s Paw adaptation for good measure.

Here’s the trailer.

Dr Terror’s House of Horrors (1965, dir. Freddie Francis)

Five men on a train have their fortunes told by the mysterious Dr Schreck. The first Amicus horror anthology is tremendous, mixing classic tropes with modish 60s pop culture, delivering a suite of chills and thrills backed up by expert playing from an unparalleled ensemble cast.