What Lies Below (2020, Dir. Braden R. Duemmler)

Young teen returns from summer camp to find her mum smitten with a super hunky guy that is not what he appears. Outright strange tale, though very well shot and executed. Actors all play it straight, which considering the plot, makes it worth a watch! Just very weird!

What Lies Below (2020, Dir. Braden R. Duemmler)

The Mortuary Collection (2020, Dir. Ryan Spindell)

Horror anthology with plenty of gory antics. Very well realised, with a firm nod to its 80s and 90s contemporaries and featuring an older, though still glowering, Clancy Brown – who chomps his way through with some quirky dialogue. Not too serious, but so well made its worth a watch!

The Mortuary Collection, 2020