The Tomorrow War (2021, dir. Chris McKay)

A science teacher is recruited to fight a war that won’t happen for thirty years. Overlong, derivative (everything from Saving Private Ryan to The Thing gets pillaged) and at-times clunky SF/horror/war flick. The action is terrific throughout (and worth watching once for that alone), but the movie doesn’t know when to stop.

Here’s the trailer.

As Above, So Below (2014, dir. John Erick Dowdle)

A driven archaeologist and crew investigate the Paris catacombs for a sacred alchemical relic. Decent location work, a photogenic cast, and a couple of unsettling early moments make promises that the movie can’t quite sustain, setting for straightforward face-your-demons stuff but no real story answers.

Here’s the trailer.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006/2013, dir. Jonathan Levine)

A distant teenage girl becomes the object of unwanted attention. Smart, well-directed horror flick that explores the boundaries of the high-school slasher movie. Good performances, a touch of bleakness, and unsettling moments of gore make for a well-judged genre experience.