Fight Club (1999, Dir. David Fincher)

A stunning adaptation of the Palahniuk novel and a David Fincher film masterclass. Witty, funny, powerful and visually fantastic – Norton, Pitt and Carter are enjoying every scene and chewing up the dialogue. Truly brilliant- you’ll never look at luxury soap the same way! A must see!


Panic Room (2002, dir. David Fincher)

A woman and her daughter hide in their high-tech new home from safe crackers. Effective Hitchcockian thriller which makes much play out of the possibilities of CG as well as the fun to be had in setting thieves against each other.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008, dir. David Fincher)

A man’s life runs backwards, from old age to being newborn. Button is overlong, meandering, episodic, and sometimes overly in service to its impressive VFX, but it’s nevertheless an effective though melancholy audience-pleasing tearjerker