The Omen (1976, dir. Richard Donner)

An American diplomat discovers his adopted son is the Antichrist. Influential if over-serious post-The Exorcist studio horror pic, balancing classy casting and widescreen production values with setpiece deaths. Three sequels (one for TV), a TV series, and two remakes (one US, one Tamil) followed.

Here’s the trailer.

Slayground (1983, dir. Terry Bedford)

After a heist goes wrong, a hunted thief flees the States to England, where a favour is owed. Though it starts and ends strongly, looks good, and has a grimy post-industrial feel throughout, a saggy middle act and clunky plotting flaw this adaptation of the Richard Stark novel. Plenty of TV faces in support though, plus a climax shot at Southport and Blackpool pleasure beaches.