Fear Street: 1666 [AKA Fear Street Part Three: 1666] (2021, dir. Leigh Janiak)

The final part of the trilogy: events and characters between 1994 and 1666 are linked. A messy finale saddled with an offstage villain, variable accents, a weird lack of interest in its potentially-good ideas, and an hour of padding. Not great at all: precisely one interesting visual moment.

Here’s the trailer.

Fear Street: 1994 [AKA Fear Street Part One: 1994] (2021, dir. Leigh Janiak)

Teens in a rundown community are attacked by the latest incarnation of a cyclic horror. The first of a linked trilogy, this feels like a feature-length series opener, though settles after lumpen exposition into an OK riff on Scream via IT, while promising a more involved story. A fresh cast helps, though there’s nothing particularly new here.

Here’s the trailer.

Rim Of The World (2019, dir. McG)

Four young teens at summer camp have to thwart an alien invasion. Deliberately throwback 80s kids’ SF adventure which is pleasing in the moment, though it struggles with an overly-knowing tone and with schematic and formulaic plotting and character development, while ticking off a slew of movie references.