Sideshow (2020, dir. Adam Oldroyd)

A misanthropic stage psychic is the victim of a home invasion. Grubby little comedy-thriller with a focus on making Les Dennis as authentically unlikable as possible. Some good lines sneak through, there’s an okay end-of-the-pier vibe to it, and a genuinely WTF ending that makes this a passable one-time watch.

Here’s the trailer.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013, dir. Thor Freudenthal)

Percy and friends have to find the Golden Fleece so they can save their home. Cut-price sequel (no returning guest stars) with join-the-dots plotting as before, this time taking elements from the first two Indiana Jones movies as well as the Rick Riordan source books and wider Greek myth. Not very good; Part 3 (The Titan’s Curse) was never made.