Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978, Dir. Philip Kaufman)

A group of friends become suspicious when mysterious seed pods grow everywhere and the people they know start to act strange. Brilliant remake of the 1956 sci-fi classic, this is well crafted, genuinely disturbing in places and remains remarkably tense and downbeat.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978, Dir. Philip Kaufman)

The Andromeda Strain (1971, Dir, Robert Wise)

Based on the Crichton novel, a team of scientists battle a deadly new microbial life form brought to Earth on a crashed satellite. With a science documentary tone, sci-fact laden dialogue and shot with impeccable style, this remains a taut and interesting film.

The Andromeda Strain (1971, Dir, Robert Wise)

Insert Coin (2020, Dir. Joshua Y. Tsui)

A fascinating documentary surrounding the rise and fall of arcade coin-op game company Williams/Bally Midway. In depth and detailed insight from the management, design teams and infamous game designers like Eugene Jarvis and Mark Turmell. Niche but excellent!

Insert Coin (2020, Dir. Joshua Y. Tsui)

Console Wars (2020, Dir. Blake J. Harris, Jonah Tulis)

The story of how Sega and Nintendo played David and Goliath for game industry dominance in the 80s/90s. Fascinating insight into the sales and marketing tactics of two gaming industry giants told with passion and a love of the underdog. Interesting stuff!

Console Wars (2020, Dir. Blake J. Harris, Jonah Tulis)

Excalibur (1981, Dir. John Boorman)

Superior telling of the Arthurian legend with a fine cast, beautiful cinematography and strong direction from Boorman. Perhaps a tad over romanticised, but fabulous performances from the likes of Williamson and Byrne hold this together creating something very special.

Excalibur (1981, Dir. John Boorman

Faster (2010, Dir. George Tillman Jr.)

An ex-con seeks revenge on gang that killed his brother. Early Dwayne Johnson vehicle that throws story logic out of the window in favour of plot contrivance. Nothing new to offer but nicely shot – with clear intentions to show Johnson off as more than an ex-wrestler.

Faster (2010, Dir. George Tillman Jr.)

Snitch (2013, Dir. Ric Roman Waugh)

A father makes a deal with the DEA and works undercover to save his son. This attempt at gritty drama is hampered with a trite script and a lost cast including a strange choice of lead. The result is reasonably compelling though suffering with a weak final act.

Snitch (2013, Dir. Ric Roman Waugh)

Pain and Gain (2013, Dir. Michael Bay)

A gang of body builders in Florida attempt the kidnap and extortion of a businessman. Loosely based on the actual events and court case surrounding the ‘Sun Gym gang’, this outrageous film is entertaining but struggles between crime dramatisation and glorification. A good cast works well here though. Watch it and decide!

Pain and Gain (2013, Dir. Michael Bay)

The Lost Boys (1987, Dir. Joel Schumacher)

A family moves to a new coastal town for a fresh start and discover it has a vampire gang running wild. Classic 80s in look, soundtrack and cast. There is much to like here in terms of style and pace and it never takes itself too seriously. A strong cast seals the deal. Watch it for old times sake!

The Lost Boys (1987, Dir. Joel Schumacher)

What Lies Below (2020, Dir. Braden R. Duemmler)

Young teen returns from summer camp to find her mum smitten with a super hunky guy that is not what he appears. Outright strange tale, though very well shot and executed. Actors all play it straight, which considering the plot, makes it worth a watch! Just very weird!

What Lies Below (2020, Dir. Braden R. Duemmler)