Lethal Weapon (1987, dir: Richard Donner)

Supremely enjoyable buddy cop progenitor that wrote the rule book on these films. Too old for this shit. Suicidal, psychotic new partner. Family man heading toward retirement. Shady ex-military bad guys. Torture. Blonde henchman. A proper action classic.

Author: lemonsquirtle

Game Designer and Lecturer and part time film critic.

3 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon (1987, dir: Richard Donner)”

  1. Like a lot of 70s/80s TV, Starsky and Hutch is an attempt to rip off a movie or a film cycle that’s gained some prominence. There’s a few mid-70s buddy-ish cop flicks like Freebie and the Bean that they were deliberately referencing. I reckon though that these are precursors, and that what Lethal Weapon dies is crystallise a load of different elements such as Vietnam angst / loner cop antihero archetypes (basically Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, The Gauntlet, and Firefox) and bring them up to date in the mid 80s (The Cosby Show is a big influence on the Danny Glover character and his family). Shane Black’s magpie genus is bringing these together into a single flick, then setting it at Christmas. With Gary Busey.

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