Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016, dir. Mike Flanagan)

A fake medium find her daughter channeling real spirits. Much-improved 60s-set prequel to the 2014 original Ouija, with some lovely period detail and a sense of attention to the genre. No real surprises or outright horror, but a decentjob well done.

Want another 255Review opinion? Here’s Xussia on the movie.

Author: Eamonn

Writes. Latest: 2019: East of England - a noir thriller. Other books: Benches of Louth (2018); Juggernaut: a sequel to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2017); Torc, (2016); The Prospect of This City (2015). Twitter: @eamonngriffin

2 thoughts on “Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016, dir. Mike Flanagan)”

    1. Disagree entirely. A superior example of the oooga-booga jumpscare subgenre. The reveal of what was going on was a bit pants, as was the necessity of havng a fake medium working in a house that was actually haunted, but I think a lot of it worked well. Liked the little nods to moviemaking past (old-school Universal logo, reel-change cue symbols), the refusal to actually do an exorcism, and so on. Might be slightly based cos I like Mike Flanagan’s stuff generally, but this worked well for me, and showed a care and attention unusual in the genre.


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