Mission Impossible II (2000, dir. John Woo)

One of the stupidest films I have ever seen and a real stinker of a sequel. Cruise’s hair is unfathomable and the use of slo-mo is so over done as to reach Garth Marenghi levels of crap. Awful on every level and a surprise it didn’t sink the franchise.

Author: lemonsquirtle

Game Designer and Lecturer and part time film critic.

3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible II (2000, dir. John Woo)”

  1. For me, this is filed definitely under guilty pleasure rather than as stinker. Partly, cos I like Woo’s schtick, even tho it works less well in the West than in Hong Kong for some reason. There’s some great stuff in it, esp, in the largely-improvised third act (made up on set after the permissions to mount a huge chase through Sydney fell through). I’ll happily concede that it’s the weakest movie in the series tho!


    1. I remember not liking it much on first viewing at the cinema when it came out. I’ve never watched it since and just watching all of them again at the moment. I was not prepared for how bad this film was. It’s everything a MI film should not be. I was quite shocked at how bad it was.


      1. Woo’s an acquired taste, certainly, and perhaps something of its time. He never was particularly happy in Hollywood. That said, even with the tinkered-with version that currently exists (JCVD’s people had a hand in a re-edit to de-emphasise Henriksen and Vosloo), Hard Target is a thing of B-movie beauty.


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