Run All Night (2015, dir. Jaume Collet-Serra)

Wayward son of a mobster trope leads to Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson. Run of the mill actioner that suffers from too much direction as the camera swoops and roves over New York to try and gloss over the lack of plot. 😐

Author: lemonsquirtle

Game Designer and Lecturer and part time film critic.

One thought on “Run All Night (2015, dir. Jaume Collet-Serra)”

  1. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for this kind of movie. Not the best of its kind, maybe, but it’s fun to see Neeson and Harris go head to head, and Collet-Serra is a director to watch. I’d agree with the overhead swoopy stuff – it robs the movie of tension. This should be ground-level and hand-held throughout.


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