Cleaner (2007, dir. Renny Harlin)

Routine thriller that is lifted by some stylish direction. Solid performances from the main cast, and though there is little original here for them to really get their teeth into, Jackson and Harris are always watchable. Fodder for a weekday evening. 😐

Author: lemonsquirtle

Game Designer and Lecturer and part time film critic.

7 thoughts on “Cleaner (2007, dir. Renny Harlin)”

  1. I remember this being okay, but not spectacular. Renny Harlin’s had an odd career, but his stuff is always worth a look, as he has his moments. 13 Rounds is a guilty pleasure of mine, as is his first movie Born American, which I saw in the small screen of a Cannon cinema in the mid-80s…

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      1. Long Kiss Goodnight is two-thirds of a great movie. Cliffhanger looks a bit ropey (pun!) these days; one of the dodgiest-looking ice caves in recent cinematic history, tho John Lithgow’s villian is fun. Die Hard Up A Mountain!

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      2. What’s not to like about Long Kiss? I forgot he did The Dyatlov Pass Incident recently. That’s actually pretty good.


      3. He also did The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. I did not know that. That’s a film that might be worth a revisit.


      4. That’s one of his I’ve never seen. His recent Hercules movie was rubbish; the one with The Rock, tho, is a hoot. Also worth a watch are: Mindhunters / Elm St 4 / and the majestic cheese of Deep Blue Sea. His Exorcist flick is interesting, especially if you know the production history. Driven is v.poor. He did a recent Jackie Chan movie which I think is on Netflix – Skiptrace – with Johnny Knoxville as the western comedy buffoon this time around. Haven’t seen that yet.

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