Nerve (2016, dir. Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman)

A young photographer becomes part of a pop-up viral game where contestants complete dares for money. Slick and great-looking social media thriller which plays with a number of contemporary tensions, and makes New York feel like a European capital city.

Author: Eamonn

2018: crowdfunding East of England - a thriller - via . Other books include Juggernaut: a sequel to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2017), Torc, (2016), and The Prospect of This City (2015). Twitter: @eamonngriffin

3 thoughts on “Nerve (2016, dir. Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman)”

  1. On the flip side, I thought this was an awful, vacuous mess of a movie, desperately wanting to be edgy but playing out like a Tales of the Unexpected episode for today’s teen market. Woeful.

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      1. I think I was expecting it to be darker, and not some tween film. There’s a really good idea in there, but this didn’t deliver on it for me.

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